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The Intelligent Face & Features Recognition System

AUTOMATED PRESENCE & PUNCTUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM, “pACADEMIA” performs Facial Recognition & 3D Tracking, remain alert and active round the clock to create an automated climate for registering, monitoring, notifying presence & reckoning punctuality of pupils in academic campus.

Safeguard your campus and academic climate from intruders, segregate visitors, and eliminate proxies, with pACADEMIA’s automated monitoring eye. Capability to focus, view and compose the scene from monitoring cameras feeds, enjoined with the capability to recognize subjects’ presence in campus, pACADEMIA solution suite is tailored for contemporary schools, academic institutions & universities, enabling a totally digital presence, real time tracking and guarding system for students & academic staffs.

Equipped with dynamic notification capabilities, it instantly alerts the academic controllers, on detecting:

  1. Unrecognized people or visitors.
  2. Absence of student from campus & classrooms.
  3. Absence of student beyond stipulated or scheduled date, time, shift or batch schedule.
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A Unique System

  • Designed to track multiple faces simultaneously, ideally suited for crowded places & high people density, this system optimally works to automatically punch-in attendance from camera view on entry, recognizing all faces, while students gleamingly gush-in the campus.
  • Designed to chronicle the presence & punctuality of every student & diary every instance of absence. As the school or class administrator, you will instantly know your absent students, late comers, or even proxies.
  • Diary every visitor’s stay & objective, an effective way to profile your visitors.
  • No hassle of using swipe cards, punch-ins, and biometric scanning, let your student and academic staff forget about taking attendance, compiling absenteeisms, communicating with parents, escalating to administration. Let all these process occur automatically, more precisely, multi-dimensionally, just simply by using pACADEMIA along with your monitoring cameras.

An Astounding Technology

Coupled with camera vision, the middleware layer is completely customizable to your processes and workflow, the logics and remarkable computational power is incorporated, such that pACADEMIA becomes your indispensable tool, absolutely configurable for stand alone operation or integrable with your existing legacy system.

With its advanced visual feed & frames analysis, this system is capable for wide angle camera view, roof top or angular perspective reading of facial features to identify & recognize people, enabling multi-subject identification & tracking capability.

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A Rewarding Benefit

Disinvest on employing security personnels.
Offload instructors from attendance notifications jobs.
Deploy fail safe system to allow only the recognized students in campus and classes.
No need to invest in costly hardware like biometric sensors.

Valuing Presence, Reckoning Punctuality - Why pACADEMIA is for Modern Schools, Colleges & Institutions

A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. In this era of increased accountability for states, districts, and schools, the connection between student attendance and learning is being studied more than ever before. As a result, education agencies are asked with increasing frequency to report attendance data in a standard manner to allow comparisons across organizations and jurisdictions. Poor attendance has serious implications for later outcomes as well. High school dropouts have been found to exhibit a history of negative behaviors, including high levels of absenteeism throughout their childhood, at higher rates than high school graduates.
The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association has developed posters highlighting the risks associated with poor attendance and punctuality. pACADEMIA servers to build Punctual & Prompt Climate.
It seeks to address the current educational climate that sees teaching as a checklist of behaviors, dispositions, measures, and standards, and to articulate the essential but elusive aspect of teaching we call presence.
The primary rationale for high-quality attendance data is the relationship between student attendance and student achievement.
Successful schools begin by engaging students and making sure they come to school regularly. That may seem obvious. What's less obvious is that the consequences of low attendance are serious for all children and for the community, not just the students who miss school.

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Every Day Counts - “Promoting School Attendance”

What does the attendance rate tell you about a school?

The attendance rate tells you the average percentage of students attending school each day in the given year, as reported by the state Department of Education. (Some states report this attendance rate as the percentage of students with unexcused absences.) You can also see the state average for the attendance rate and compare how your school stacks up. In some states, you will see the mobility rate (which means the percentage of students who transfer out of the school). Most schools have high attendance rates. If your school's attendance rate is below the state average, the school may face challenges in getting students to come to school regularly.

Parents should inform the school of the reason for their child’s absence so that the school can:

  • Determine if the child’s absence needs to be excused by the principal, in line with school policy and these guidelines.
  • Determine the appropriate follow up to ensure the child’s education and wellbeing is supported.
  • Record if the parent has a reasonable excuse for not meeting their obligation to ensure their child attends school each day.

Where possible, parents should inform the school in advance of upcoming absences.

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    Dashboard Services

    A dynamic attendance tracking tool, giving you custom views in interactive charts & graphs, working on real time data, imparts capablity of total attendance & punctuality control. Single console view of total academic presence, highlights & alarm for each indiviual, an exemplary work of total information consolidation & representation for your easy and logical comprehension. An assistive guide to monitor and take actions for any alarms, shortfalls & deviation. Advance notification service keeps you alarmed & aligned to monitor academic milestones of every individual.

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    Employee Dashboard Services

    Monitor presence of your academic staffs. Profile attendance activity, milestone achievements for each academic staff, professor and teacher. Interactive chart created on camera fed dynamic data, allows for multiple views, drilldown or get top view of each staff activity.

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    Dynamic Notification & Alert Services

    Instant emails & messages automatically delivered by the system, keeps the monitor & acadedmic controllers notified for every discrepancy, each absence, each missed milestone, each shortfall. Its a significant enabler for building prompt & alert academic climate, an extremely responsive and automated futuristic campus. Keep parents, mentors, guides, provosts, wardens, professors, head or department all in communication loop, just when amiss attendance occurs, or it becomes trend, or punctuality become a question marks.

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    Advance Camera Configuration System

    As a camera driven system, configure a host of visual eyes here. Just with simple steps, setup primary & backup cameras, for complete peripheral and premisis monitoring. Simple console to activate & deactivate cameras. Build a totally monitored academic environment, safe, agile and promising for each student to feel proud, become disciplined & love your campus.


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