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The Smart & Swift Employee Attendance System

Over a period from the age of the industrial revolution to today’s high speed digital information exchange world, time & attendance still remain a critical function & even concern for every Human Resource Department. Manifold complexity, occurs in shift management, where high volume of workers check-in & check-out in large industrial complexes and enterprises.

The Security – An Essential Aspect in Modern Era

With a growing threat to industrial units from intruders and theft, all industries and enterprises are investing more in securing their complexes. As a stringent measure of security procedures, its significant to identify unknown faces on you entry gates, or identify employees staying in your campus beyond their designated areas or beyond designated times.
All present hrms systems are disjoint from security envelop, therefore there is a need of :

A Unique Employee Check-In System

  • pCORPORATE is designed to track multiple faces simultaneously, ideally suited for crowded places & high people density, this system optimally works to automatically punch-in attendance from camera view on entry, recognizing all faces, while your workers, employees and staff stream in when shift hours begin.
  • Designed to chronicle the presence & punctuality of every employee & diary every instance of absence, pCORPORATE performs the role of Human Resource supervision, you will instantly know your absent stuffs, late comers, or even proxies.
  • As a gatekeeper, pCORPORATE notes and track every visitor’s stay & objective, an effective way to profile your visitors.
  • As a cost effective way, pCORPORATE totally eliminates the hassle of using swipe cards, punch-ins, and biometric scanning, let you know instant compilation of absenteeisms, and enabling communicating departments, and automatically escalating to administration. Let all these processes occur automatically, more precisely, multi-dimensionally, just simply by using pCORPORATE along with your monitoring cameras.

An Outstanding Solution for Many Needs

Diversity of workforce is a key factor of your diverse industrial operation system, wherein the bulk of your workers are skilled workers who man the workstations in sequential production lines or assembly lines. A typical case is of 27*7 round the clock operating units such as automobile manufacturing plant, power stations, and depots, shipping yards, etc., require shift deployment of manpowers. At each shift begin time, inward employee pool in at the gate and start registering their attendance prior to proceeding to their job points. This cause a long waiting queue for check in attendance, and cause delays in employees reaching at their designated workstations such as cranes, lathes, millers, supervisory stations etc.

Similarly, the outward flow of check out employees in when their shift ends, also causes long delay at the exit gates. This kind of work environment is susceptible to human errors, lags, and cause huge requirement of manpower for data consolidation.

The pCORPORATE, is a single solution for all industrial units, whether multi-sites having large & expansive campus, or single urbane office place for totally automated checkin & check out of employees by camera vision. The ability of this innovative & intelligent system allows for multiple face tracking & concurrent recognization, allows for automated registration of attendance and automated raising of alert when any employee is missing at designated shift hour.

An Astounding Technology

pCORPORATE becomes your indispensable tool, absolutely configurable for stand alone operation or integrable with your existing legacy payrolls and HRMS systems. With its advanced visual feed & frame analysis, this system is capable for wide angle camera view, roof top or angular perspective reading of facial features to identify & recognize people, enabling multi-subject identification & tracking capability.

pCORPORATE comes with a Viola’s Payroll system, as total end – to – end automated system for employee management, leaves and absence management, aptly enabled with highly customizable and dynamic analytics system.

Not only this system acts as a employee attendance system, it guards your premises against any unknown person, raising prompt alarm. Enjoined with its ability to perform employee & shift management, this is a dream system for any modern era industry, enterprise and corporate environment.

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A Rewarding Benefit

Disinvest on employing many security personnels.
Buid a modern & secure corporate environment.
Deploy fail safe system to allow only the recognized employees in campus.
No need to invest in costly hardware like biometric sensors.

Valuing Presence, Reckoning Plant Security - Why pCORPORATE is for Modern Enterprises

Managed access control is an essential factor in safeguarding critical company areas.Rather than providing a complete range of products and services, Viola has evolved a single utility framework of camera monitored automated visual control on all aspect of employee access for attendance as well as protection of critical infrastructures. This augmented employee tracking and intelligent video surveillance solutions to complex, integrated command and control platforms, is a perfect system, that your enterprise will be secure and swiftly operating. pCORPORATE – Defining Guidelines

In general, companies consider numerous factors in order to develop their own industrial security measures. Building on this, guidelines and measures are defined for each area. These help to guarantee a high level of security for all parties involved without limiting productivity. In this way, industrial security becomes one of the central tasks of management.

Aptly customizable and operable in synchronization with your security and employee guidelines, pCORPRATE is a new enabler that is made to perfectly emulate into your system, to provide a very high degree of automation, all with real time data.

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  • Dashboard Services

    A dynamic attendance tracking tool, giving you custom views in interactive charts & graphs, working on real time data, imparts capablity of total attendance & punctuality control. Single console view of total academic presence, highlights & alarm for each indiviual, an exemplary work of total information consolidation & representation for your easy and logical comprehension. An assistive guide to monitor and take actions for any alarms, shortfalls & deviation. Advance notification service keeps you alarmed & aligned to monitor academic milestones of every individual.

  • Employee Dashboard Services

    Monitor presence of your academic staffs. Profile attendance activity, milestone achievements for each academic staff, professor and teacher. Interactive chart created on camera fed dynamic data, allows for multiple views, drilldown or get top view of each staff activity.

  • Dynamic Notification & Alert Services

    Instant emails & messages automatically delivered by the system, keeps the monitor & acadedmic controllers notified for every discrepancy, each absence, each missed milestone, each shortfall. Its a significant enabler for building prompt & alert academic climate, an extremely responsive and automated futuristic campus. Keep parents, mentors, guides, provosts, wardens, professors, head or department all in communication loop, just when amiss attendance occurs, or it becomes trend, or punctuality become a question marks.

  • Advance Camera Configuration System

    As a camera driven system, configure a host of visual eyes here. Just with simple steps, setup primary & backup cameras, for complete peripheral and premisis monitoring. Simple console to activate & deactivate cameras. Build a totally monitored academic environment, safe, agile and promising for each student to feel proud, become disciplined & love your campus.


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