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Data Management Services

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. Data drives all activities in any capital market operation, from the Front Office to Back Office. The essence of all investment decisions, growth plan, secure transactions is an accurate data management enjoined with continuous analytical support.

Our core values as your trusted partner in growth is centered to empower you with Better Data for Better Decisions & Swift Business Transaction. Our skilled teams of data specialists are aligned for global delivery network, with robust technical capabilities to create quality data management services.

Data Centric Approach To Customer Centricity

Our data building, management and support range from elementary data solution required by individuals to complex enterprise data management requirements. We address everyone's need with unmatched care, value and promptness, indeed we pride in caring for your needs. For enterprises, we turn strategies into actions.

Our plethora of "Data Management Services" allow you to choose one according to your need, or ask us to provide a custom solution.

Bulk Data Entry

Ideally suitable for your marketing & communication campaigns, we design bulk data templates, cable for CSV, XML, and other formats. The bulk data building has ability for multi platform usage, integrated with ETL processes, and suitable for secure archives. With this service, the data quality enhancing activities that occur here are:

  • Reformatting data into a common format.
  • Summarizing Data.
  • Restructuring keys into a common format.
  • Restructuring records of data into a common format.
  • Adjusting reference data, etc.

With a multi-tier verification, we build homogenous data in bulk. A glimpse of what we do:

  • Verifying the domain of a data elements
  • Verifying the range of a data elements
  • Verifying the relationship between different data elements within the same record or different files
  • Verifying the formatting of data elements

Your Gain

With our ethos of digging on Data quality techniques and applying best practices, we provide unmatched quality service, at a cost far lesser that the cost or inaccurate data.

Key Data Entry

Keying vital statistic data, such as alpha and numeric data from source documents and code sheets, requires precision, durability and swiftness. Our data specialist team bears analytic vision, give attention to details, knows “point of capture” to rapidly perform Key Data Entry. They expertly and skillfully build vital data for complex assessment to deliver tangible results. You can rely on our ability to research and discover accurate data for your system.

Our this exclusive service is ideally suitable for data entry tasks in material handling, inventory control, and various transcriptions.

Your Gain

Real time, accurate & clean data in your system, that will empower your sales force, analytics, and decision maker. We promise to fulfil your quest for “get the right data at right moment”, at a fraction of the cost to employ staff or software systems. We empower your data integrity.

Online Data Entry

Unlike individual contractors, amateurs and part time workers, who have substantially lower reliability index, and increased risk to your business, we provide our organization values with our dedicated team of data managers, to perform online-data entry jobs.

With us, you can be assured of very well endowed process oriented data entry tasks, aptly monitored by Quality Control. We ensure that only correct & authentic data goes into your system. You gain

  • No junk data with quality assurance
  • Speedy turn around time
  • Work with any global time zones
  • Sustained

best service provider in Netherland

Form Processing

Retail Back Office Operations Services

Our expertise & understanding of retail, Supply Chain Managemnt & Warehouse Management, offers you to manage your time critical service delivery, and backoffice document processing. Exclusive for web shops, e-retailers and integrated POS retailers, we offer service to create and data entries for online credit notes, online return managements, and Return Merchandise Authorizations form. We offer round the clock service for global customers, and ensure quicker & continuous turn-around-time.

Industrial Back Office Operations Services

Our back office operations, manage an activity or function on a turnkey basis for our clients. Any aspect of service operations that involves high-volume transactions & data processing are candidate for back office deliveries. Our round the clock back office operations is ideally suited for your continuous operations. Relying on us for all your back office operations, you can focus primarily or exclusively on your core business The advantages of choosing us to handle your back office operation has significant advantages:

  • Reliable & Secure - As we value our customer's sensitivity towards copyrights & trade data, we provide assured guarantee of non-disclosure, and secure data transfer mechanism.
  • Immense Saving on Cost, as you don't have to manage resources & staffing.

Our Back office Services are driven by our long standing understanding of business verticals & domains, to provide unmatched & high end quality service with a shorter Turn Around Time for:

  • Processing Retails & web-stores Credit Memos, Returns & Invoicing
  • Abstracting and indexing
  • Data capture and processing
  • Data warehousing
  • Electronic publishing
  • Mailing list management
  • Medical records management
  • Remote secretarial services
  • Technical writing
  • Telemarketing
  • Teleservices

Master Data Management

Ever experienced the frustration of searching for information you know you have but cannot find? Or maybe today you realized the requirement of an information, which you have not foreseen when you started organizing your data. Perhaps your data is in too many places, or doesn’t exist. As you have trod the path of growth, with higher volume of data piling up in your closet, they have become inconsistent, inaccurate or may be inaccessible.

Our Master data management service specializes in creating and maintain a single view of the customer,product or other core reference data that is shared across systems. The service enables you with multidisciplinary data to cater to business process analysis, data transactions, data profiling, data cleansing, data consolidation and reconciliation, data migration and data governance. Our Master Data Management service makes a better foundation stone for your information management strategy, and your enterprise automation environment. Your executives seeking instant access to high quality information can rely on our master data management, which involves sharing, classifying and defining the most important enterprise data.

Our Master Data Management serves your strategy, a widely supported business case, solution architecture, legacy retirement plan and comprehensive project implementation plan


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