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The Belief

Viola Technologies has its core vision encrusted in the though aptly expressed by Bill Gates:- “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”.

We are a team of technologists who have envisioned futuristic solutions for augmented efficiency & cost gains by 360 degree vision of your assets, enhanced control of your daily operations, and real time tracking of your enterprise, simply on your fingertips.

The Technology

Our real time imagery & detection technology improves and integrates your man & material tracking portfolio, promising a more strategic way to see into and manage human & material assets, eliminate security risks, get real time information, & prevent pilferage.

The Industry

Our solutions are ideally suited for high volume human & material movement industries, where you need to ensure attendance, tracking, profiling of every human presence. Applied to the materials and parts our solution is ideally suited for manufacturing, hotel, inventory warehouses and several customizable scenarios.

The Presence

Evolution of Presence has been done with todays and futuristic needs of knowing persons by camera enabled instant detection for human presence:

  • Who all are present
  • Who is missing
  • Who is stranger

Another significant aspect of Presence is continuous tracking of your moving inventory, materials & parts, to detect presence:

  • Is this my material
  • Is this not my material
  • Is there something missing or unwanted

Presence For Academia

Knowing the Presence of pupils on campus is your foremost task you do, whether you are a kinder school or Laurette educator. In your widespread campus, spanning departments, at various cities, you shall be knowing the presence of your pupils, academicians, and staffs, instantly when they enter your institution.

Automated student & staff attendance registered by multi-spectral analysis of camera feed, with the utmost accuracy in features & face detection.

  • Automated entries in attendance database
  • Automated entries & alerts to absentees & mentors
  • Automated data consolidation for multi-site, multi-level departments
  • Automated reporting framework, fact sheets consolidations
  • Visitor registration & valid entry ticket management

Presence For Industries

Knowing the Presence of workers, shift duty staff, time critical attendance registration where payroll is linked, is a challenge for Human Resource managers. Queues on biometric profiling is passé, which used to cause time delays in your staff manning the stations.

Our Presence provides on gate automated entry & exit portfolios and multi-face tracking registers the attendance in high volume entry & exit masses. Its inherent intelligence spots the strangrers alerts the security, & make your check-ins & checkouts truly automated.

Automated student & staff attendance registered by multi-spectral analysis of camera feed, with the utmost accuracy in features & face detection.

  • Drastic saving from employing numerous security staff for manual entries
  • Drastic saving from investing in Bio metric devices & solutions
  • Real time tracking of everyone – known or known entering, moving or exiting from your premises
  • Real time alerts system for missing, absentees, and unrecognized personnels
  • Customizable for your multiple sites, and hierarchical departmental setups
  • Easily integrable with your existing payroll & human resource management system


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